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Epiphanias Church - BIPV

The visitors who look towards the sky in the small baptismal chapel in Hägewiesen can also see it: a roof made of photovoltaic glass elements was integrated into the wooden structure that was a later addition to the building. The system used is known as overhead glazing, which must meet the high safety standards of BIPV (building-integrated photovoltaic). The architect and module manufacturers jointly developed a special effect for those who gaze down at the stone floor of the chapel: they will discover the play of light and shadows cast from the solar cells are arranged in the shape of a cross. The symbolism significantly contributes to the unique atmosphere in the chapel, which also represents a commitment to the safeguarding of creation in the Epiphanias Church.

The distance between the individual solar cells is known as surface density and can be freely selected in the PV glass elements produced by solarnova. This also applies to shape and color (the spectrum extends from a charcoal color to green or purple, and all the way to gold) – playing with colors and “painting” with light gives architects plenty of creative freedom. solarnova is among the few providers in Germany certified to produce such photovoltaic elements which are designed and manufactured according to individual customer requirements. Those who move between the poles of artistic freedom and functionality have an experienced and flexible partner at their side with the company that emerged from the research and development division of AEG. The Wedel-based experts know what is technically feasible and provide professional and reliable advice on individual BIPV ideas. Light incident and the degree of shading, which produce a creative interplay between light and shadow, can already be modulated specifically in the planning phase for roofs, facades or curtain walling panels. In addition, the photovoltaic system in the Hanoverian Chapel generates exactly enough electricity to fulfill the requirements for the large church and the attached baptismal chapel.

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