With a illuminated example ahead

Sustainable: Know the value and protect it

solarnova sheds a whole new light on renewable energy through its combination of architecture and solar power. Renewable energy has many faces and our glass-glass solar modules are among the most attractive. Solar power on building facades and roofs perfectly enhance the overall picture: solarnova combines sustainable, carbon-free energy with weather protection and pleasant aesthetics. Solar facades are an environmentally friendly alternative to granite, glass, marble and other such materials. We develop and build solutions that are pleasing to the eye, environment and also your budget. A faster and more sustainable ROI (return on investment) is guaranteed.

Positive outlook for climate protection

We need to conserve our resources and reduce CO2 emissions worldwide. Solar technology plays a key role in fulfilling this goal. BIPV in particular has immense potential: experts and market researchers agree that the amount of building integrated photovoltaics will grow tremendously in the future.  The basis of these projections, among other things, is the European Directive on „Energy Performance of Buildings Directive / 2010 EPBD“. It stipulates that from 2020 onwards all new homes built in EU Member States must be constructed as a „nearly-zero energy buildings“. Photovoltaics can support the construction industry in achieving this ambitious, yet completely achievable target.

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