Overhead glazing

In many installations, our modules are fitted in the form of so-called overhead glazing. The rules for vertical and overhead glazing are summarized in general terms in the Technical Rules for Using Linear Glazing –TRLV (Technischen Richtlinien für die Verwendung von linien­förmig gelagerten Verglasungen).
Overhead glazing is defined as having a slant of >10° while vertical glazing has a slant of ≤ 10° to the perpendicular. These rules apply to glazing with continuous linear supports on two opposite sides. They also describe the necessary glass inset in the support profiles. Due consideration is given to snow loads, wind pressure and wind suction together with other load elements playing a decisive role in dimensioning the glass. Other aspects to consider are whether to use double or triple insulation glass filled with air or inert gas. It is also necessary to take the respective location of the building into account, as well as the installation situation with installation angle and height.

Important: These requirements are NOT fulfilled by classic standard modules, whether framed or not! solarnova designs and produces double glazing modules for exactly this type of application, taking due consideration to fulfilling customer demands as well as technical regulations.

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Iso-glass facade, PUMA Plaza, Herzogenaurach, Germany

Facade Projects

Our glass-glass solar modules meet all of the design requirements for glass facades. They can be integrated into all standard glass building systems, such as post / bolt systems.

Dynamic Sunshade, EWE-Arena, Oldenburg, Germany


Sunshading with space. Elements that automatically adjust to the sun’s position. Sunblinds in different transparencies. Horizontal, vertical, rotatable, movable or static, and much more …

Balustrades, Verwaltungsgebäude, Thalheim, Germany


Balustrades can also generate solar energy, all while highlighting the architectural style, the building’s character and the strong affinity of the inhabitants to their environment and surroundings.

Solar facades  ....


How do our modules look on the finished product? See for yourself. Our references speak volumes for our quality, our vision and our manufacturing flexibility. Let us inspire you: Your idea can also become reality.