Solar modules are ideal for performing the functions of classic facade cladding made of glass, natural stone or ceramic materials. Here the solar module replaces conventional building panels and functions as external weather protection for the facade. Tailor-made solar modules comply with all design requirements for glass facades and can be installed with all conventional glass building systems.

Customized glass-glass solar modules offer plenty of options for design and construction. We develop the optimal solution for your specific construction projects. Solar modules are ideal for integration in both existing buildings and new-builds and are individually adapted to requirements depending on facade type, facade grid, construction type, building height and location. Photovoltaic facade solutions can be produced as both cold facade and warm facade solutions.

Cold Facade

In this facade type, the thermally insulated structure surfaces are fitted with solar modules as weather protection. The cold facade is a curtain facade where all parts of the construction are mounted without thermal separation as there is no connection to the warm part of the building. Solar modules produced with double-glazing technology permit the use of reflective or ceramically coated glass to add color in the facade – and to your design plans. A rear-ventilated cold facade is ideal for using solar modules made of crystalline solar cells: the system’s efficiency factor is enhanced by rear ventilation.

Warm facade

Glass-glass solar modules made with insulation glazing can be integrated in glass facades or roof surfaces of heated rooms. Insulation-glazed solar modules also protect the surface from the weather in addition to providing thermal insulation and soundproofing functions with real power: Systems with triple glazing fulfill the passive house standard.

Glas backsheet solar module

Our glass backsheet solar modules are produced with a transparent, white or black backsheet. Its light weight makes glass backsheet solar modules the ideal solution for areas where lamination safety glass is not required. Other forms and module transparency properties can also be produced to individual customer specifications.

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