As with overhead glazing, there are also aspects of balcony glazing and other glazing elements that require safeguarding to prevent possible accidents. The Technical Rules for Using Accident-Proof Glazing – TRAV (Technische Regel für die Verwendung von absturzsichernden Verglasungen) stipulate the requirements to be fulfilled by the glass in the corresponding application. Generally a distinction is made between insulation glazing with a heat absorption function and pure laminated glass for accident-proof applications, e.g. balcony and loggia balustrades. In consideration of these rules, these glass elements can also be made of crystalline solar cells and integrated accordingly into the appearance and function of the building.

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Iso-glass facade, PUMA Plaza, Herzogenaurach, Germany

Facade Projects

Our glass-glass solar modules meet all of the design requirements for glass facades. They can be integrated into all standard glass building systems, such as post / bolt systems.

Dynamic Sunshade, EWE-Arena, Oldenburg, Germany


Sunshading with space. Elements that automatically adjust to the sun’s position. Sunblinds in different transparencies. Horizontal, vertical, rotatable, movable or static, and much more …

Plaza Overhead glazing, Public Safty Building, Salt Lake City, USA

Overhead glazing

Overhead glazing is an attractive element for the architectural interplay of light and shadow. The slope of the roof and freely selectable parameters – such as size and cell arrangement – make light effects possible and hold a fascination of their own.

Solar facades  ....


How do our modules look on the finished product? See for yourself. Our references speak volumes for our quality, our vision and our manufacturing flexibility. Let us inspire you: Your idea can also become reality.